Bitcoin Roundup January 15, 2016

Bitcoin investor buys index operator CoinDesk

Digital Currency Group, a holding firm focused on investing and developing businesses that deal in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, has acquired the industry publication CoinDesk, the company said in a statement on Wednesday.

The editorial and business teams at CoinDesk will merge with DCG’s new events platform, doubling its size and forming a new New York-based subsidiary focused on providing news coverage, research, and events. […]

PayPal Adds Bitcoin Entrepreneur To Its Board To Focus On The Future Of Money | TechCrunch

PayPal has made a notable move to position itself for the future of money and currency after it added seasoned fintech figure and bitcoin entrepreneur Wences Casares to its board.

Argentina-born Casares has packed a lot into his 41 years. He’s currently CEO and founder of Xapo, a bitcoin payments startup that has raised $40 million to date, but his past ventures include digital wallet company Lemon (acquired by LifeLock for $42.6 million in 2014), Argentina’s first ISP, an online brokerage (Patagon which was bought by Spanish bank Banco Santander for $750 million) and New York-based Wanako Games. […]

Mobile Lottery Ticket App JackPocket Now Accepts Bitcoin – CCN: Financial Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency News

Lottery ticket app Jackpocket has announced a new payment method for users to purchase Powerball tickets with their smartphones, with bitcoin.

Jackpocket made the announcement yesterday in the lead-up to its record-setting $1.5 billion Powerball jackpot. The jackpot is a full $600 million more than the previous record holder from March 2012 when ‘Mega Millions’ was drawn for a prize of $656 million.

Jackpocket was launched in 2015 and is lottery ticket purchasing app for several lotteries offered in the state of New York. […]

7 Emerging Trends For Bitcoin and the Blockchain – CoinDesk

Over the holiday season, CoinDesk published a wide range of feature articles from experts and stakeholders in and outside of the bitcoin and blockchain industry.

Billed as our 2015 Review, the series encouraged guest writers – including experts on law and finance, academics, entrepreneurs and even readers – to discuss the year past and the year ahead.

Our contributors didn’t always agree, but they did come up with a number of intriguingpredictions, each influenced by their unique positions and experiences in the field.

In this article, we’ve pared down that information to define seven key trends that could shape the story of the bitcoin and blockchain industry in the coming months: […]

Russian Payments Firm Trials Bitcoin Tool for Customer Verification – CoinDesk

A Russian payments service is testing a notarization tool based on the bitcoin blockchain as a way to assist in its customer onboarding.

The tool, outlined in a blog post from startup Tierion, was developed for, a mobile acquiring firm based in Moscow and founded in 2012. BlockNotary, which developed the app, is a customer of Tierion’s, using its technology as the backend for the project.

According to the post, the tool would replace an existing process for verifying customers, who are now required to sit for in-person interviews before being shipped the firm’s point-of-sale product. […]

Bitcoin Group Cleared to List on Australian Securities Exchange – CoinDesk

Australian bitcoin mining firm Bitcoin Group is scheduled to make its long-delayed debut on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) in early February.

Reports state the firm will list under the code ‘BCG’ with the aim of raising AU$20m ($13.9m) via the sale of 100 million shares at an issue price of 20 cents. The close date for the IPO is now January 25, while trading is expected to commence on 2nd February.

The news comes over a year after the Melbourne-based company first announced its intention to list in October 2014. […]

PayPal Adds Bitcoin Startup CEO to Board of Directors – CoinDesk

Xapo CEO Wences Casares has been appointed to PayPal’s board of directors, the pioneering online payments firm announced today.

The former founder of digital wallet firm Lemon Inc, acquired by LifeLock in 2013, Casares would go on to launch bitcoin security startup Xapo, which has raised more than $40m in two public funding rounds.

In the official release, PayPal lauded Casares for his past entrepreneurial efforts and position as a “cryptocurrency thought leader”. […]

Tickets for $1.5 Billion Powerball Jackpot Now Selling for Bitcoin – CoinDesk

Mobile lottery ticket app JackPocket has officially integrated bitcoin payments into its offering, a move that allows users to buy Powerball tickets, both for tonight’s $1.5bn jackpot and future prizes, with bitcoin.

The announcement comes as the Powerball jackpot climbed to a record $1.5bn today, creating what would be the largest lottery prize ever distributed in the US. Launched in 2015, JackPocket offers a mobile app that allows New York residents to play lotteries including Powerball, Mega Millions and three New York state lotteries. […]

Australian securities market set to begin trading Bitcoin

The Australian securities exchange (ASX) is preparing to publicly trade shares of the Bitcoin Group on February 9th, under the BCG handle. Bitcoin Group currently operates 6,000 “mining” rigs spread across seven international locations (though mostly in China where the cost of electricity is most affordable). The company hopes to raise more than $20 million on the sale of 100 million, $0.20 shares during its initial public offering. […]

Bitcoin, other alt-currencies offer more choices for consumers | TheHill

In just eight years, Bitcoin and the idea of “virtual currency” have gained acceptance and use both online and in the physical world. Spread by word of mouth and other “viral” means, decentralized virtual currencies have gone from a mere thought experiment to a tangible economic reality.

Today, one can use Bitcoin or other currencies not backed by the U.S. government to buy physical goods and services and online services. Established companies, such as Dell, DISH Network, Microsoft, and Papa John’s Pizza, all accept Bitcoin payments. […]

The Bitcoin Price History Charts Every Investor Needs to See

The last two years of Bitcoin price history have a story to tell. You see, Bitcoin was the best-performing asset in the world in 2015 – and by a long shot.

The price of Bitcoin rose 35%, easily beating the next best asset, real estate investment trusts (REITs), which rose just 2.8%.

Bitcoin also was the best-performing currency in 2015. The runner-up, the Somali Shilling, gained just 15% on the year, less than half of Bitcoin’s gain.

You’re not hearing much about this now, probably because last year at this time much of the financial media were writing Bitcoin’s obituary. […]

European Travel IT Giant Embraces Bitcoin Following Partnership with BitPay – NEWSBTC

ypsilon.NET, which is counted among the Europe’s leading internet travel technology provider, processes millions of transactions per month across its platform. The Frankfurt-based company offers its e-travel solutions to more than 5,000 customers and 80,000 internet travel portals worldwide. […]

SimpleFX Takes Bitcoin to Promote Anonymous CFD Trading – NEWSBTC

The growing online trading market has lately encountered a shift in traders’ attitude towards the newer and better financial technologies. Bitcoin — being the locomotive of this new decentralized technology — has certainly found its way into the mainstream businesses, also because it promises to offer partial-to-full anonymity to all its users. It is therefore emerging as a great option for traders who wish to remain active in online trading, but do not wish to be contemplated by higher authorities.

SimpleFX perhaps is one of the first CFD brokerage firms to have understood this need of anonymity. The renowned company has utilized the talents of Bitcoin to sketch out an anonymous CFD trading platform where traders are allowed to circumvent identity verification protocols at the time of deposits and withdrawals. […]

Buying With Bitcoin At Now Cheaper

Buying with bitcoin at the biggest online retailer Amazon is not as simple a process as it could be. As the e-commerce platform has still been hesitating to directly support cryptocurrencypayments, customers have to use either various gift coupons or service like which serves mainly US customers. Now buyers also have the possibility to spend their bitcoins at the german branch

The austrian start-up company Coinimal says their service is fast and low-cost. There are no feescharged when buying vouchers. “We can achieve this efficiency thanks to a direct partnershipwith,” says Co-CEO Paul Klanschek. “Because this initiative is 100 percent in direct cooperation with, these are original vouchers and there are no additional charges at all.” […]

What is Bitcoin?

“Bitcoin” is a form of digital currency. “Miners” use racks of specialized, very high-speed computers that perform complex mathematical calculations around the clock and compete with like systems around the world to win the right to process on-line Bitcoin transactions. They are paid in Bitcoin for the transactions they process.

The operation requires a huge amount of electricity. Neighborhood and lighter-commercial power-distribution systems can’t handle it without upgrades. […]


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