Startup Roundup February 02, 2016

Tech Startup Day 2016 | iText

Tech Startup Day is a mix of hands-on workshops, real-life testimonials, plenary keynotes and networking, Tech Startup Day 2016 is the must attend event for tech startups in Belgium. On February 18th 2016, over 1.000 attendees will join the most complete and inspiring conference of the year. Register now!

The founder of iText was the key note speaker of last year’s edition. This year, he’s on the lists of speakers once more. His talk is entitled “StartUp! ScaleUp! MoveUp!”. 

Karnataka Startup Policy goes extra mile to please startups

Karnataka just released its startup policy 2016, unveiled for the Invest Karnataka meeting that kicks off next week. Here are some highlights of the policy (you can read the complete policy at the end of this article). These benefits are only for startups that are part of government-partnered incubators. 

Inspired by Startup India campaign, two brothers, aged 10 and 12, lay foundation of Smartup India

Have you ever heard of a company where the CEO is 10 years old and the CTO just 12? Hailing from Kerala, brothers Abhijit Premji  (10) and Amarjit Premji (12) have already kicked off their entrepreneurial journey. The children were also specially invited to Delhi to be part of the Startup India event.

Abhijit Premji (10), Amarjit Premji (12)
Abhijit Premji (10), Amarjit Premji (12)

Their vision took shape in 2015, when they heard Prime Minister Narendra Modi talking about Startup India. The curious children asked their father, Premjit Prabhakaran, what ‘startup’ meant. He told them it was “an idea that can be developed into a business opportunity and pitched to investors so that they put their money in it.” 

Startup founders that left Yahoo less than 3 years after getting acquired – Business Insider

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer’s spent billions of dollars on acquiring startups during her 3 years at the company.

A lot of those deals were meant to be “acqui-hires,” in which it’s done for the skills and talent of the people at the startup, rather than the product itself.

But some of the founders of those startups didn’t bother staying too long at Yahoo — like these people who spent less than 3 years there. 

Hiring For Your Startup? Look For A Multi-Tasker – Forbes

One of the challenges for a startup is finding the right people. In short, you need courageous, happy people who are ready to wear many different hats and who understand your vision. The person who wants to be told exactly what to do, punch in 9-to-5 and not take on anything additional to their designated responsibilities is likely NOT the best person for your startup. Nor should it probably be at any time. 

Startup Step-By-Step: Raising | TechCrunch

I’m taking a last look around the room. It’s five in the morning and the black car is idling outside. The driver has already called me and I quietly whispered that I was coming down.

My wife, my long-limbed and tangled in sheets, is asleep. In the small light on my bedside table I see her settle into the warm place where I just was and I wish I could lie back down to sleep.

I’m going to California from New York. I’m going to change the world, or at least that’s what I tell these people, these strangers I’m going to meet. The flight is early because I need to be there early. I think, for a moment, that I’m a fool for doing this. 


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