Bitcoin Roundup March 14, 2016

Chrome Extension Caught Stealing Bitcoin from Users – UPDATE

The extension’s name is BitcoinWisdom Ads Remover and is a Chrome extension that removes ads from the, a website for consulting all kinds of Bitcoin-related statistics, all presented in easy-to-understand charts.

According to Bitstamp, a website that lets users exchange Bitcoin for US dollars, this extension contains malicious code that is redirecting payments to its own Bitcoin address, instead of the one intended by the user making the transaction. 

Microsoft reverses course, says ‘no thanks’ to Bitcoin payments | PCWorld

Bitcoin’s day in the sun at Microsoft appears to be over, at least for now. According to a report on Softpedia published Friday, the purveyor of all things Windows has decided to stop taking the cryptocurrency after accepting it as a form of payment on the WIndows Store since late 2014.

Sure enough, Microsoft published a short help doc to its website that confirms the chance in policy.

The reasoning behind the change isn’t exactly clear—Microsoft has yet to openly explain why it will no longer accept Bitcoin—but for its part, Softpedia speculates that it just didn’t catch on as a way to pay for goods on the Windows Store, and that “Microsoft had no reason to continue keeping it as a supported digital currency.”  

Central banks beat Bitcoin at own game with rival supercurrency

Computer scientists have devised a digital crypto-currency in league with the Bank of England that could pose a devastating threat to large tranches of the financial industry, and profoundly change the management of monetary policy.

The proto-currency known as RSCoin has vastly greater scope than Bitcoin, used for peer-to-peer transactions by libertarians across the world, and beyond the control of any political authority.

The purpose would be turned upside down. RSCoin would be a tool of state control, allowing the central bank to keep a tight grip on the money supply and respond to crises. It would erode the exorbitant privilege of commercial banks of creating money out of thin air under a fractional reserve financial system.  

Bitcoin and Public Blockchains Will Power the Smart Contracts Revolution – CoinDesk

As the study of ‘smart contracts’ went from strange academic curiosity to the cutting-edge of FinTech, most market observers are still wondering just how this revolution in value transfer works.

Smart contracts, for those who still don’t know, are small bits of code attached to an asset, which determines where and how the underlying asset will perform based on events in the network. The promise of financial instruments that are routed through the economy autonomously, and without need for intervention by a custodian, is immense.

But exactly how does such a technology work? And what makes a smart contract different from similar solutions for financial logic that have been commonplace for decades in our modern banking system? 

Microsoft’s Windows 10 Store No Longer Accepting Bitcoin

Microsoft has silently removed support for Bitcoin in the Windows 10 Store, despite the fact that the company adopted the digital currency in late 2014 with much fanfare.

Although an official statement from Microsoft is not yet available – we’ve reached out to the company for a word on this and will update the article when we get it, an update made to the Windows Store FAQ reveals that Bitcoin is not accepted anymore when buying content from Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile stores. 

Bitcoin Price Analysis: Core Also Negative – CCN: Financial Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency News

Bitcoin price reversed to the downside after a failed attempt on the resistance ceiling. As it turns out there are negative elements among the Core developers – further biasing price to the downside. 

The Wild Worlds of Pwnage, Bitcoin, and Viral Zit Videos | Motherboard

The best and worst thing about the internet is how it enables us to learn about things we never could have imagined without it. Sometimes the new information it brings us is fascinating, sometimes it’s horrifying. But one thing’s for sure—when you’re standing around in your favorite bar tonight, chatting with your friends, you’re only a click away from some of the wildest stories in the world. Check out this week’s picks: 

Bitcoin Transactions in Russia Could Carry a Four-Year Prison Sentence

The Russian Ministry of Finance has proposed new regulations for the use of Bitcoin in the country’s borders, Russian news agency Interfax reports.

Currently, Bitcoin is not banned in Russia, but it’s not legal either since the country has laws in place that prohibit citizens and companies from operating with any kind of money substitutes.

During the last months, officials from the country’s Ministry of Finance have gone through a series of amendments to the current penal code that would allow them to penalize citizens for the use of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, each harsher than the previous. 


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