Bitcoin Roundup March 17, 2016

Microsoft to continue taking Bitcoin after ‘inaccurate information’ appeared on its website | News | Lifestyle | The Independent

Microsoft has said it will continue to accept Bitcoin, after “inaccurate information” posted on its website caused many holders of the cryptocurrency to believe they had stopped taking it.

A post on the company’s official website earlier this week told customers that they could no longer redeem Bitcoins into their Microsoft accounts.

It said existing Bitcoin balances would still be able to be spent, but they wouldn’t be refunded – signifying the company was ceasing support for Bitcoin. 

Satori Coin: A Physical Bitcoin in Japan – CCN: Financial Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency News

The Corbett Report, an independent, listener-supported alternative news source in Japan, featured Yoshi Kan of Raimu Inc., a Japanese import company, who said he is preparing the release the Sartori Coin, a physical bitcoin.

Kan said he and his brother became interested in bitcoin after reading a book called “The Creature from Jekyll Island.” He said they realized bitcoin is like digital gold in that it is money not based on debt. “It has a great future, we thought.” 

21 Inc’s Bitcoin Vision Becomes Clearer With Announcement of Ping21 –

21  Inc has announced the launch of ping21, a service that allows users to check the uptime or latency of any given website from Bitcoin Computers on the 21 network. This is the first release in a series of projects related to the Internet of Things that the company plans to release in the coming weeks. 

Bitcoin Payment Processor BitPay Announces Partnership with Bloq – CCN: Financial Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency News

Global bitcoin payment service provider BitPay has revealed a commercial partnership with blockchain technology provider Bloq, in an announcement.

The partnership will see Bloq provide enterprise-grade implementation and support services for companies using BitPay’s open-source full node and development platform, Bitcore.

Bloq will also begin offering Bitcore in its BloqEnterprise product offering, which will enable companies get all the functionality of Bitcoin and a full Bitcoin node, in addition to “native utilities and intuitive Node.js libraries” to help extend Bitcoin’s functionality. 

Mt. Gox Bitcoin Bank Lawsuit Has Merit |

The defunct Mt. Gox bitcoin exchange case is back in the mainstream news cycle, and this time, it’s back in the U.S.

A federal judge ruled yesterday (March 15) that the U.S. lawsuit that names Japan’s Mizuho Bank, part of Mizuho Financial Group, as being involved in the case by allegedly concealing problems that Mt. Gox had prior to its demise in 2014 can move forward. The bank argued that the case would be difficult to try in the U.S., but U.S. District Judge Gary Feinerman rejected the notion that the case belongs in Japan.

Mizuho’s involvement in the case is as the banking provider for Mt. Gox, which included handling deposits for U.S. customers. As a result, a class action lawsuit was filed in Feb. 2014 on behalf of the U.S. customers that were victims of Mt. Gox’s demise that left hundreds of millions worth of bitcoins missing. It was then that Mt. Gox filed for bankruptcy and its financial woes began to unravel and reveal themselves. Mt. Gox’s then-leader, Mark Karpeles, claimed that the digital currency exchange was hacked. 

The Gold vs Bitcoin Dilemma

This post is a plea to my fellow Gold and precious metal investors to take another look at Bitcoin. We have seen a substantial rise in interest for Gold as of late which has caused many of my fellow Gold and Silver writers to begin writing about the return of the good old days when we were sitting on our mounds of pirate treasure with grins from ear to ear. I admit that I miss those days and so do many of my clients. 

Bitcoin Price Watch; Multi Timeframe Primer – NEWSBTC

Here’s a primer on multi time frame analysis, and how we are going to use it ahead of tomorrow morning’s intraday parameter setting. 

21 Inc Launches First Proof-of-Concept for Bitcoin Computer Network – CoinDesk

With its signature hardware product now shipping to users in the US, Canada and Europe, 21 Inc is seeking to roll out its next stage in development, a decentralized, bitcoin-incentivized network of the devices.

21 Inc announced the launch of Ping21 today, a new proof-of-concept it envisions as a competitor to website monitoring services such as Pingdom or AlertFox. Today, webmasters use such services to determine how a website is performing in different markets, in the case of Pingdom, paying between $13 and $454 a month for the service. 

Bitcoin Ransomware Attacks Launched through News Sites – NEWSBTC

Ransomware has become the malware of the season. Other malware, viruses and trojans are things of the past. Cyber criminals seem to find bitcoin ransomware more profitable than other malicious software. The number of bitcoin ransomware attacks stands evidence to it.

Bitcoin ransomware is a malware that encrypts all the files and folder on any computer it infects. Once the data is encrypted, it will show a message demanding the infected user to pay a certain amount in bitcoin to a wallet address in order to gain back access to his files and folders. In many cases, it is hard to decrypt the affected files without the help of the original decryption key, which is only available with the perpetrator. In instances where the computer holds very important data, which is not backed up, victims will be forced to pay the ransom for the decryption key, so that the access can be restored. 


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