Bitcoin Roundup April 6, 2016

Bitcoin For A Tesla Model 3…Yes, That Happened – CCN: Financial Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency News

Using Bitcoin to pre-order a Tesla is quite an interesting statement. Not procedurally, because as we know (and Mason has documented) of course, it can be done. What is fascinating is that now these process gaps that once kept Bitcoin out of the everyday economy are evaporating. According to the account above, it sounds like “Mason” had to spend a little bit of time on this. I think we can all imagine a not too distant future whereas all of these hurdles have disappeared. 

Bitcoin Startup Hedgy Seeks Second Life as Blockchain Firm – CoinDesk

Hedgy is no longer in the bitcoin derivatives business, according to CEO Matt Slater.

In a new interview, Slater said that Hedgy has pivoted away from its original positioning as a bitcoin derivatives and smart contracts startup, aiming to recast itself as a blockchain applications development platform similar to Chain or Gem.

Hedgy raised $1.2m last April from a list of notable VCs including Draper Fisher Jurvetson partner Tim Draper, Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff, and Sand Hill Ventures.

At the time, the startup had sought bitcoin miners and merchants to use its tools, enabling them to lock in the price of bitcoin and shield holdings from volatility. 

Venture Capitalists Inject Nearly Half a Billion in Bitcoin

After the significant growth of venture capitalist funding of Bitcoin and blockchain companies in 2014, a lot of industry experts were wondering if this trend was sustainable in the years to come. Keeping in mind how numbers increased from US$80m in 2013, all the way to US$299m in 2014, such a spectacular growth would be hard to match for any industry.

But Bitcoin and blockchain technology startups managed to turn 2015 into an even more spectacular year, as the total amount of funds raised to US$474m. This goes to show venture capitalists have a keen interest in Bitcoin and its underpinning technology, despite fierce competition from Fintech entrepreneurs and startups all over the world. 

Non-Bitcoin Asset Blockchain Market Capitalizations Jump 1,600% in 3 Years – CCN: Financial Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency News

Non-bitcoin asset blockchains have expanded market value significantly in the last three years, jumping 1,600% while bitcoin’s market gap grew 300%, according to an analysis of coinmarketcap data by Venturebeat.

The article, written by Alex Sunnarborg, chief financial officer and co-founder, a mobile app for investing in blockchain and bitcoin technologies, notes that the expansion of non-bitcoin assets offers investment opportunities for those looking to diversify portfolios. 

Bitcoin’s Biggest Weakness May Be Political, Not Technical –

The discussion around a potential hard fork of the Bitcoin blockchain caused byBitcoin Classic has been centered around the development team’s proposed increase in the block size limit, but this new implementation of the Bitcoin protocol is about much more than a change to Bitcoin’s consensus rules. In fact, alterations to Bitcoin governance are one of the core points of the software client. As Bitcoin Classic Developer Gavin Andresen stated on a recent episode of Let’s Talk Bitcoin:

“This disagreement is (A) a disagreement about governance. How do we make these kinds of decisions? And (B) it’s a disagreement about how urgent the problem is right now.”

Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong recently referred to the possibility of a hard fork as an election, which some would say puts Bitcoin’s role as algorithmically controlled money and payment system into question. If a majority of Bitcoin miners can vote on changes to the Bitcoin protocol, then the reality is that the system is controlled by much more than just math. 

Decentralized Bitcoin Market OpenBazaar is Now Live – CoinDesk

The developers of OpenBazaar, the decentralized e-commerce protocol, have released the first live version of the software.

Now available for download, OpenBazaar enables peer-to-peer digital commerce, with bitcoin used as a payment method – akin to a distributed eBay-style marketplace that uses the digital currency. OpenBazaar grew out of an earlier project called DarkMarket which aimed to facilitate decentralized online commerce.

The release comes after a public testing period that saw a variety of storefronts created using the experiment-focused bitcoin testnet for transactions. The developers said today that this test period resulted in more than 25,000 downloads worldwide (across 126 countries) and more than 3,000 vendors created. 

Wiper Messaging App Adds Bitcoin Micropayments for Independent Filmmakers | Bitcoin Magazine

Wiper is an encrypted mobile messenger with a built-in Bitcoin wallet that allows users to send and receive Bitcoin instantaneously, directly from the mobile application. Using its Bitcoin wallet, Wiper recently launched a new functionality called Wiper Film to help filmmakers and online digital content providers monetize their content and maximize their profit with Bitcoin micropayments.

The company had previously raised $2.5 million in seed funding from sole investor and Intermedia and Unison founder Michael Choupak, to develop a unique set of cryptographic functionalities which encrypts all incoming and outgoing messages and HD calls. 

U.K. Resort Town Sees a New Bitcoin ATM – CCN: Financial Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency News

Ami Norian, who owns the restaurant, La Strada, said bitcoin is the way of the future. He said people will use the machine to invest money and to pay the restaurant in bitcoin.

John Anthony, a consultant at Heliopay, said the first bitcoin ATM in Bournemouth will hopefully appeal to younger people who are aware of bitcoin.

One customer tweeted they were surprised to see the bitcoin ATM machine. They did not expect the first restaurant they would visit that accepts bitcoin to be a family Italian restaurant in Bournemouth.

Swanage News is considered to be the first retail business to accept bitcoin in Dorset, the county that includes Bournemouth. Swanage News began accepting bitcoin in 2014. 

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