Bitcoin Roundup April 14, 2016

Airbnb buys bitcoin startup ChangeCoin – Business Insider

ChangeCoin was best known for letting people tip each other with bitcoin, but now the majority of its team has joined home-rental startup Airbnb.

The $16 billion company “acqui-hired” approximately seven engineers from the bitcoin company who had worked on ChangeTip, a feature that enabled individuals to tip each other with the digital currency via Twitter or Reddit, a source familiar with the acquisition said. Quartz first reported the deal

Has Bitcoin become the new ransom money? – The Hindu

The attackers demanded management Bitcoins — virtual money through Bitcoin-dealing websites — in return for the key.

The management, whose work was suffering on account of the attack as the computer network was unavailable to the workforce, eventually paid through Bitcoins, revealed H.S. Renukaradhya, Inspector of Police, Cyber Crime Department, Mysuru. 

How Bitcoin will smash Donald Trump’s Mexican remittance wall

Last week, presidential candidate Donald Trump revealed his plan for funding the wall that he wants to build on the border between Mexico and the southern United States. How would he generate the billions of dollars to construct it? He has a simple plan: block the flow of remittance funds from United States to Mexico. Cutting off that resource would compel the Mexican government into agreeing to pay for the the wall, which has a reported cost of $10 – 12 billion dollars. 

Money Partners Group fuels Bitcoin exchange Kraken with Series B investment | SiliconANGLE

One of the world’s largest Bitcoin and Ethereum exchanges Kraken (Payward, Inc.) today announced raising money in its Series B funding round. The full amount of the deal was not disclosed it does include an investment from Money Partners Group, a Tokyo-based firm with a market cap of over $260 million USD (or ¥29 billion). 

Expert: Bitcoin will Never become a Reserve Currency – NEWSBTC

Opinions are dime a dozen, as everyone has at least one and sometimes more than one. There is nothing different when it comes to the subject of bitcoin either. There are many conflicting opinions about the digital currency which are casually being tossed, even by those who have never used bitcoin in their life until now. But that doesn’t mean all opinions are a waste of time, or useless. One of the conflict of opinion about bitcoin revolves around its role as a reserve currency. 

A Bitcoiner Turned $100 Bills into Bitcoin Paper Wallets – CCN: Financial Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency News

Bitcoiners have a knack for rebellion. They champion above all else the decentralized nature of Bitcoin, and how it can’t be controlled by a central bank or other centralized entity. They can carry an aversion to banks – private or public – and governments, as well. That explains some images which recently surfaced on the Internet.

The creative additions to the photographed $100 bills could cost the defacer his or her freedom. But that didn’t stop one Redditor – who goes by the name maxfieldo, or possibly Max Field – from turning “Benjamins” into a vessel for bitcoin. 

Bitcoin Trading Gets A Boost in Nigeria Amid Oil Crisis

For a country once labeled as the emerging market of Africa, things are looking rather grim in Nigeria. A reduction in oil revenue results into the US Dollar becoming very scarce in the country. Moreover, the Nigerian government is hoarding foreign currency to ensure they keep some reserve at all times, in the hopes of averting a financial crisis.

As a result of this volatile situation, both consumers and businesses in Nigeria are feeling the brunt of this financial turmoil. In fact, the country’s economic growth has decreased by over 50% in just one year, which is not a promising sign. Keeping in mind how there are over 187 million people living in the country, financial issues is the last thing that economy needs. 


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