Bitcoin Roundup April 19, 2016

Bitcoin Price Losing The Highs – CCN: Financial Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency News

Bitcoin price wasted more time below resistance, today, as the bulls bought into an assumed rally. Indeed, a rally is possible, but the exchanges have more to gain from pulling price down into liquidation than giving retail traders an easy trade. 

Delhi-based Bitcoin startup Coinsecure raises $1.2M angel funding to foray into global markets

Bitcoin trading platform Coinsecure has raised over $1.2 million from a group of undisclosed angel investors from India. The company said this fund raise is part of its ongoing Series A round.

The funds will be  utilised to expand the company’s reach in both domestic and international markets, and introduce Ethereum and other Blockchain innovations. The funds will also go into strengthening the marketing and engineering teams, increase the banking partners and develop the app, which will be launched by the end of this month. The company will increase the number of employees from 20 to 30 by the end of this year. 

Bitcoin Payment Processor BitPay Warns against Trojan Virus – CCN: Financial Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency News

In an alert issued on Friday, bitcoin payment service provider BitPay has warned users to be on the lookout for a new virus. While there are no signs of a widespread infection, the “Coinbitclip” virus has affected some bitcoin purchases. The company’s support team received several reports of the virus affecting purchases of the cryptocurrency, on Windows systems specifically. 

Supporters of 2 MB Bitcoin Blocks Unable to Convince Miners to Hard Fork in Beijing Meeting | Bitcoin Magazine

Bitcoin Classic is the latest attempt to increase Bitcoin’s block size limit via a hard fork initiated by miners running an alternative toBitcoin Core, but it appears that the relatively new software client may already be on its last legs. According to various sources familiar with a meeting in Beijing on March 30, supporters of an increase to the Bitcoin block size limit were unable to convince the Chinese mining community to implement BIP (Bitcoin Improvement Proposal) 109without support from Bitcoin Core contributors. 

Exposed Database Linked To Bitcoin Casino Account Thefts – CCN: Financial Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency News

A message on Coinroll’s website said the company is running a full audit in an attempt to determine if users were compromised. The notice said withdrawals and deposits will be disabled until an investigation is complete to make sure all balances are safe. It said only a few user funds were compromised. The company said it will add the option of a two-factor authentication feature. 

The Latest Bitcoin Core Version to Be Included by Miners Soon – NEWSBTC

The Bitcoin Core has received an upgrade. The new update- Bitcoin Core 0.12.1 will soon be incorporated by all the mining pools. Unlike other updates, the Bitcoin Core 0.12.1 is more focused towards improving the scalability of the Bitcoin network. Some of the main features of this new update include support for four different Bitcoin Improvement Proposals – BIP 9, BBIP 68, BIP 112 and BIP 113. 

Former Bitcoin Regulator Turns Blockchain Advisor – CCN: Financial Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency News

Former New York regulator Benjamin Lawsky, who oversaw what many consider the most restrictive state bitcoin regulation known as BitLicense, now works as a counsel and media liaison for Axoni, a blockchain technology firm that uses blockchain in settling derivative transactions, according to Reuters

Bitcoin trading platform, Coinsecure, raises $ 1.2 mn | Business Line

Coinsecure, the domestic Bitcoin trading platform, has raised $1.2 million as part of its ongoing ‘Series A’ investment round.

The company opened the fund-raising round earlier in January and expects to close the round soon, an official statement said.

Coinsecure, which was formed with the objective of creating a Bitcoin ecosystem in the country, offers an algorithmic trading Bitcoin exchange, a Blockchain explorer, full free API’s for all their products, a mock trading platform for users to trade without real money and On-Chain and Off-Chain wallet services. It has a number of integrations with global partners including Netki. 

Russian Official Calls for Criminal Liability for Bitcoin – CCN: Financial Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency News

Russia’s Investigative Committee Chairman Alexander Bastrykin has, once again, opined that virtual and cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are money substitutes or surrogates that need to be outlawed. He also claimed that virtual currencies are “often used” for the financing of terrorism. 


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