Startup Roundup April 20, 2016

Tyba, the Madrid-based graduate recruitment startup, acquired by Graduateland | TechCrunch

Tyba, the Spanish startup that has created a “junior recruitment market” aimed at allowing companies like tech startups to more efficiently hire university and college graduates, has seen an exit of sort. 

Placester Says It Now Serves 400,000 Real Estate Agents After Acquiring Startup RealSatisfied – Forbes

Matt Barba knows you may not have heard of his startup. But if you’re one of hundreds of thousands of real estate professionals across the U.S., the odds are increasing that you’re a Placester customer. 

How to Maintain a Successful Startup – Fortune

As a startup founder, you are continuously under fire. You face ups, downs, setbacks, and achievements. All of those experiences are part of the journey of growing your company. To weather those seasons, it is critical that you first and foremost establish your core. Your core is what drives your decisions moving forward. Ask yourself, “What is the personality of my company? What is the mindset? What are our core beliefs?” You then build your ecosystem based on those beliefs. 

Investors are slashing startup valuations—and not even Uber and Airbnb are safe — Quartz

It’s shaping up to be an uneasy year in Silicon Valley. Funding has slowed, downrounds are kicking in. Once high-flying startups are cutting perks and laying off staff. They’re also afraid to pursue exits via public markets, leaving the tech IPO market a wasteland

How Can the U.S. Create More Start-Ups? – The Atlantic

The U.S. likes to think of itself as the world capital of start-ups. But America doesn’t lead the world in actually starting new businesses. By various measures, it’s behind Canada, Denmark, and Norway.

Rather, it is the global leader in venture capital: Nineteen of the top 20 world cities in per-capita venture capital investment are in the United States. There are a lot of countries with higher entrepreneurship rates, but American companies have an especially good chance to grow from small fry to global behemoth. 

CVS invests in Curbside, a startup that lets you buy online, pick up at store | Re/code

Drugstore chain CVS has invested in Curbside, a Silicon Valley startup that allows shoppers to order products online and pick up their orders from a local store without leaving their cars. The drugstore chain and the startup have been working together since last year, when they launched a pilot test in three cities that now encompasses 350 CVS locations. Terms of the investment were not disclosed. 

Money keeps pouring into blockchain startups — Quartz

Fintech startups used to be focused on making traditional banks obsolete. Now, it seems like they just want to sell them services.

Among the young companies going that route is itBit, a blockchain startup that has a regulatory license in New York state that allows it to deal in digital currencies such as bitcoin. It’s developing a product called BankChain, which would apply blockchain technology to clearing and settlement processes for banks, and is in the middle of a $50 million fundraising round, according to a pitch deck sent to investors and obtained by Quartz. The deck indicated itBit expects the round to close this quarter. 

As VCs enroll the startup class of 2016, it’s RIP for ‘me too’ companies | TechCrunch

Many of the world’s legendary tech companies got started just as the public markets were cooling off; Microsoft, Apple, HP, IBM, Oracle, FedEx, etc. The most recent case in point is the startup class of 2008-2009: Dropbox, Airbnb, Pinterest, Uber and Tiny Speck (Slack) all got their early funding in those dismal years. 

The Untold Story of Magic Leap, the World’s Most Secretive Startup | WIRED

THERE IS SOMETHING special happening in a generic office park in an uninspiring suburb near Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Inside, amid the low gray cubicles, clustered desks, and empty swivel chairs, an impossible 8-inch robot drone from an alien planet hovers chest-high in front of a row of potted plants. It is steampunk-cute, minutely detailed. I can walk around it and examine it from any angle. I can squat to look at its ornate underside. 

Data Center Startup Diamanti Exits Stealth With $12.5 Million – Fortune

It takes a lot of technology working behind the scenes for Goldman Sachs to ensure that trades are going through and customer cash is being properly accounted for. 


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