Startup Roundup April 21, 2016

The Morning Download: VC Funding of Tech Startups Enters Dangerous Phase, Investor Bill Gurley Warns – The CIO Report – WSJ

Good morning. The challenges facing publicly held tech companies such asInternational Business Machines Corp., Intel Corp. and now EMC Corp. are manifold (more on that below), and must be, by law, revealed to investors on a quarterly basis. The problems facing privately held tech startups are by nature less transparent, which is why venture capitalist Bill Gurley’s long blog post on the matter should be required reading. 

The Shade Room is back on Facebook, other media startups still “in jail” | TechCrunch

The celebrity gossip and news startup The Shade Room is back on Facebook, the startup announced today, albeit under a new moniker.

Its previous page, which had racked up more than 4 million followers, was “;” the new profile is “”

The startup said earlier its page had been removed from the Facebook ecosystem without any notice, highlighting a challenge for new media publishers that take a multi-platform approach or a Facebook-centric one. 

Startup Expo: 20% of all applications received from smaller towns – The Economic Times

The Indian startup revolution is not limited to metros anymore; one-fifth of applications for a Startup Expo being organised by Lufthansa Airlines and The Indus Entrepreneurs (TiE) have come from smaller towns.

Out of 34,000 applications for the one-day expo in Gurgaon this weekend, about 20% came from towns like Chandigarh, Ludhiana, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad and states like Rajasthan and Kerala. This is the highest-ever participation from smaller towns in India. 

The 5 People Who Will Deep-Six Your Startup’s Success

As an entrepreneur, you’d like to think that the majority of your success will depend on objective factors: Assuming that your products and services are high quality, you make the right decisions and your timing is right, you’ll be successful. 

Five Exciting British Socially Responsible Start-Ups – Forbes

Welcome to Responsible Business Week, a UK-wide initiative intended to encourage businesses to demonstrate how they can deliver a fairer society with a more sustainable future. To celebrate the idea, here’s five interesting young and socially responsible businesses doing exactly that. 

What My Three Years At Netflix Taught Me About Scaling A Startup | Fast Company | Business + Innovation

I joined Netflix at the beginning of 2011, just as the company was making the transition from operating in the data center to the public cloud. My job was to help build out Netflix’s cloud platform and manage streaming operations. It was an incredible three-year experience seeing the company scale its people, culture, and technology.

In my life since then as an investor, I still apply what I learned in my time at Netflix to companies big and small. These lessons I picked up there might not save your life, but they might save your business. 

Confused about which transportation services agency to use? These startups link you to a trusted network of truck owners

The “aggregator model” has created quite a stir in the startup world and served as a launchpad for many businesses. No sooner did cab aggregators prove they have the Midas touch, startups using the aggregator model for inter- and intra-city truckingservices started mushrooming. 

Forget Silicon Valley: Six Cities That Offer Better Value For Growing Startups – Forbes

Silicon Valley is a mecca for many of the nation’s most successful startups. It’s where aspiring entrepreneurs flock for access to funding, talent and opportunity. But between the sky-high cost of living and the endless commute times, more and more entrepreneurs are starting up in other regions and cities — and they’re not turning back. 

Chicago Marijuana Startups: Companies Deal With Slow Pilot | Chicago Inno

With the start of Illinois’ medical marijuana pilot program last year came a wave of enthusiasm for the cannabis startup scene in Chicago.

Startups around cannabis investing, social networking, real estate, and more began popping up, and there’s been enough interest to launch a monthly marijuana entrepreneurship meetup group at 1871 called CannaTech, which founder Zach Marburger says continues to bring in crowds of 100+ each month.

But the Illinois cannabis pilot has been off to a slow start–only about 5,600 patients are eligible for a medical marijuana prescription, a mere 18% of the nearly 30,000 people who have started an application. This is mostly due to the few number of qualifying conditions for patients to be eligible for the medicine, and the unwillingness of doctors to prescribe the drug to the patients that do qualify

Startup raises $3 million to bring delinquent drones to the ground — RT America

San Diego-based startup SkySafe has raised $3 million in seed funding to satisfy a need that may have been inconceivable a decade ago: building technology to disable drones that wander into spaces where they aren’t welcome.

The popularity of drones for commercial and recreational use is skyrocketing. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) estimates that 2.5 million will be sold in 2016, with the number rising to 7 million by 2020. 


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