Startup Roundup April 29, 2016

Start-up bank Tandem is raising $1.4M by crowdfunding

British “challenger” bank Tandem is to kick off a £1 million ($1.46 million) crowdfunding drive in a bid to get more people involved in the start-up’s upcoming launch and attract customers. 

Is Flipkart turning into the perfect example of what a tech startup must not do? — Quartz

 Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal recently made it to Time magazine’s “100 most influential” list. The timing of this recognition could not have been more ironic, though. 

Why So Many Doctors Are Advising Startups | Fast Company | Business + Innovation

Ethan Weiss, a cardiologist at UC San Francisco, spends long hours at the hospital treating patients. But between shifts, he takes calls with health-technology entrepreneurs to offer them advice and feedback. 

Iran’s Startup Spring – Fortune

The sun is streaming through the windows of a loft-like office where a half-dozen young tech entrepreneurs huddle over their MacBooks in sweatshirts and sneakers. They’re putting the finishing touches to PowerPoint presentations in preparation for a pitch meeting with potential funders, who are visiting from Germany and Austria. When the investors arrive, the entrepreneurs, most in their twenties, nervously take turns displaying graphs and figures that promise sharp growth for their new ventures. “Trello meets Slack on steroids,” notes one slide, describing a project-management platform that launched a year ago. Another predicts rapidly rising subscriptions for a remote-learning site. 

How Startups Are Forcing Change In Commercial Real Estate – Forbes

Thousands of tech startups launch in the United States every year, which is great news for commercial real estate (CRE) brokers. Almost every one of these companies needs office space, after all. These emerging businesses have a lot of growth potential: just think, one of them could be the next Airbnb or Pinterest, and the relationships brokers cultivate while they’re just starting out are critical to keeping their business as they grow. 

Technology start-ups want UK to remain in EU —

It took Bernhard Niesner two months to relocate Busuu, a peer-to-peer language tuition business, from Spain to London in 2012. 

What Returns Can I Expect From Startup Investing – Forbes

As startup investing increasingly becomes a key investment strategy for many who are looking to add high-risk, high-potential-reward alternative assets to their portfolio, the next step is understanding what type of potential returns this uncorrelated asset class can yield. Some questions I hear a lot are; What type of returns can I expect to get from startup investing? How long will I wait until I can see returns? How can one opportunity be benchmarked against another? 

Twelve Ways To Turn Great British Startups Into Fast-Growing Scale-ups – Forbes

The UK has become a world leader at encouraging entrepreneurs to start new businesses – but the vast majority of these start-ups are failing to achieve their potential to become high-growth companies that create jobs and wealth. This is the warning of a new report co-authored by academics at Cambridge University’s Judge Business School and Oxford University’s Saïd Business School. 

Startups line up for takeoff at Lufthansa’s Startup Expo

If any further proof was needed that startups have gone mainstream in India, then a visit to the Startup Expo in Gurgaon would have dispelled all your doubts. Conceived and organised by German carrier Lufthansa Airlines, in association with The Indus Entrepreneurs (TiE), the expo brought together over 2,500 startups, investors, mentors, industry partners, and government stakeholders. According to an estimate from the organisers, about 10,000 delegates attended the single-day event.  

Singapore must support overseas entrepreneurs to drive local startup ecosystem | ZDNet

If it wants to emulate the thriving startup ecosystem in Silicon Valley, Singapore needs to make it easier for technopreneurs from other parts of the region to set up shop and work in the country. 


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