Startup Roundup May 2, 2016

The $100 Million Fund That’s Fostering Detroit’s Minority Startup Entrepreneurs – Forbes

Justine Sheu didn’t have any plans of becoming an entrepreneur. The Detroit-based millennial spent her early career educating underserved youth in the area. But with the backing of a funding initiative specifically targeted to boost women and minority entrepreneurs in Southeast Michigan, Sheu cofounded two education-technology startups. Notably, she’s the CEO of Pro:Up, a mobile app that connects high school students with extracurricular and career opportunities via text message. 

Fidelity, in Reversal, Raises Value of Many Tech Startups – WSJ

Fidelity Investments reversed course in March, marking up many of the stakes in closely held technology companies it had previously cut, including a biotech startup that was subsequently acquired at a large premium. 

VP of Scale Venture Partners: Key to Startup Success – Fortune

Since being at Scale Venture Partners, I’ve worked with 40-plus enterprise startups throughout their paths to success. At Scale, we typically invest in companies after they have had early traction with customers and are looking for capital to scale the company. Based on my experience investing in and working with B2B startups, I’ve noticed a few common traits among the most successful ones: 

Finding deep tech startups is not difficult, scaling them up is, say expert investors

There is life for Indian startups who know what to build for Indian corporate. In fact, India is poised to grow beyond just being a great test bed for B2B startups. A couple of years ago startups only validated their products here and went away to the USA because the largest B2B market is the USA.  

INNOVATE2016: Policy risk should be on the agenda for startups | TechCrunch

When entrepreneurs launch start-ups, should they be thinking politically? Should “policy risk” shape their core products and strategies? 

Indian executives open to working with startups: Survey – The Economic Times

A half of Indian executives polled are open to work with start-ups as partnering with new-age companies bring in agile and innovative methods, says a survey. However, the other half is still sceptical about working with a start-up, according to annual EY-CIO Klub’s Enterprise IT trends and investment survey titled ‘the startup gene: a way forward’.

2015 Was Chicago’s Best Year for Startup Funding Ever – Fortune

As James Fallows pointed out in The Atlantic a couple of months back, tech companies are spreading beyond the Bay Area—steadily, if slowly. One new spot for tech development is Chicago, where according to Thrillist, the “tech scene is breaking out.” 

Tech Conferences Can Be Startups’ Secret to Success

For many startups, it can be intimidating to figure out how to connect with others in the industry. With so much still needing to be done with building your brand and business, networking and connecting with the local tech community can seem tedious. Who has time to go to tech conferences and events when there’s still so much to be done? But here’s the truth – if your startup doesn’t participate in tech conferences, you could be missing out on crucial networking and community building. 

Startups are Personal, Part VIII: Protect Your Intellectual Property From the Start – Forbes

We end our lessons learned series (co-authored by me and Mike Willee) with our favorite topic, intellectual property (IP). Many entrepreneurs fail to recognize the importance of IP—let alone the value of an IP protection plan in the earliest stages of their businesses. Building a brand, creating a minimum viable product, generating sales leads, and keeping your head above water all push the pressing matter of IP to the back burner. 


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