Startup Roundup May 3, 2016

We got eight Indian startup CEOs to tell us their one killer interview question for new hires — Quartz

From business plans to work culture, Indian startups have done most things differently from traditional companies. Even when it comes to building teams, most entrepreneurs are now looking beyond conventional qualities such as qualification, experience, or success at previous jobs. 

Sad life of a startup employee in 2016 – Business Insider

Last year, 2015, was the year of the unicorn, a startup that raised so much venture investment, it was valued at $1 billion or more. 

New York City Casts a Net to Catch the Next Big Start-Up – The New York Times

For years, New York — a city not accustomed to being second banana — has looked on as Silicon Valley has solidified its influence over the technology industry. 

How IoT startup Flutura is competing with GE and winning

Remember when the Nokia 6100 was the most popular phone? That era is gone. Phones have gotten smart. Internet connections, apps, and a host of services come with them. Today you’d want a smartphone, not a dumb gadget. 

As legal US cannabis sales soar, start-up reality sets in

The forecasts for legal U.S. cannabis sales are in the billions. But entrepreneurs in the weed trade, despite landing in hot markets like Colorado, face a bit of a reality check. That’s due, in part, to a lack of traditional financing tools like banking, and still growing stream of venture capital into the industry. 

Start-ups can and should serve up some fresh lessons to us corporates

Politicians and the media devote plenty of sound bites to small and medium- sized enterprises (SMEs), particularly about how they are the lifeblood of the economy and the like. But the reality is that, when it comes to input and commentary, it is big business that tends to have access to the right people and the right commentators. Companies such as AXA are big employers, and have a big impact on the economy and a strong influence on certain sectors, writes Amanda Blanc

Gas Delivery Startups Want to Fill Up Your Car Anywhere. Is That Allowed? – Bloomberg

A new class of companies aims to be the “Uber for gasoline.” A spokesman for the San Francisco fire department says the businesses are “not permitted.” 

More startup shutdowns – after PepperTap, turn of ex-Housing Co-founder’s beauty startup to down shutters

Right after online grocery startup PepperTap’s shut down a few days ago, online beauty startup Amber Wellness, co-founded by former Co-founder of Abhimanyu Dhamija and fellow IIT-ian Saurabh Goel, has shut down.  They are ending their services in all the three cities they operate in – Bangalore, Delhi and Mumbai – due to low margins. 

Palestinians attempt to create their own start-up nation —

When Faris Zaher, a Palestinian Jerusalemite, graduated in Hong Kong with a masters degree and returned home at the peak of the financial crisis, he drifted for a bit, working in consulting and property, and starting a website for classified ads. 

The compliances every startup should know of

Startups are by and large formed as private limited companies. In the eye of law, this makes them separate legal entities governed by various statutes of the place where they are registered. 


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