Featured Articles on Commodities: Oil & Gas

Today’s Curated List Of Articles



Oil and Gas News: Saudi Arabia ousts longtime oil minister

Gasoline Shortage Looms in Oil-Producing Venezuela

How To Do Business in VenezuelaAlberta Oil Magazine

Paralizarán refinería El Palito entre 45 a 60 días por mantenimiento

Venezuela : PDVSA and Venezuela Bank sign agreement for financing CREDIALIANZA contractors

Venezuela desperation roils PDVSA bonds after output plunge | Myinforms

Oil and Gas News: Energy company owner in Texas gets prison for Ponzi scam

WTI Crude Oil Price Forecast: Can It Hold Above $45?

Speculative Investors Cut Bullish Crude Oil Price Bets – WSJ

Oil slumps as worries about wildfires in Canada recede – MarketWatch

Shell Nigeria saves $1M in digital oilfield infrastructure costs with IoT solutions powered by Ingenu and KONČAR

WTI Crude has held 4335/25 almost perfectly

BP plans more U.S. crude cargoes for PDVSA even with closed arbitrage | Reuters

FxWirePro WTI crudes spike in forward rates and troughs in IVs, D-S equation improving finally – EconoTimes

Oil and Gas News: Ocean blasting: Groups seek ban as big Atlantic test looms

How a 0.5% Rise in Crude Oil Inventories Affected MLPs – Yahoo Finance

US Crude Slides as Canadian Wildfire Diminishes – MarketPulseMarketPulse

Why Did Crude Start This Week on a Positive Note? – Yahoo Finance

NextDecade files FERC application, reaches major milestone for Rio Grande LNG and Rio Bravo Pipeline

Oil – Canada – Alberta fires update

LNG Canada begins work on accommodation facilities


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