Startup Roundup May 19, 2016

Zach Ware: Startups should not shut down overnight – Business Insider

Startups shouldn’t implode overnight, but it happens. And when it does, they leave an ugly debris field of hurt feelings, broken promises, and people waking up with no financial security whatsoever. 

Sure, You Can Now Crowdfund a Start-up—But Don’t | MONEY

Small investors got a gift from Congress and the White House on Monday. Unfortunately, for the vast majority of us, that gift is a white elephant

Rahul Yadav: The bad boy of Indian startups is finally acting like an adult — Quartz

Before Rahul Yadav was unceremoniously kicked out from the company he founded, there were whispers about how the 26-year-old former CEO of real estate listings website,, could even be India’s version of Steve Jobs. 

How To Stumble Onto Your Startup Idea – Forbes

Travis Kalanick and Garrett Camp didn’t come up with Uber in a brainstorming session; they came up with it when the frustration of trying to hail a cab in San Francisco hit a boiling point. Startup ideas come from going out into the world and learning first-hand about the problems that exist in it. 

The challenges of building a global startup in six new languages

Although India, Brazil, Spain and Mexico are among its 10 biggest markets, graphic design startup Canva has so far only been available in English. 

Blockchain Startup Hires Ex-Citadel Executive – WSJ

A startup developing uses of the technology underlying bitcoin for trading derivatives has hired a former senior banker and Citadel executive as its chief operating officer. 

Over 40 Australian startups and global giants launch TechSydney | ZDNet

Airbnb, Amazon, Atlassian, and Uber have joined forces with over 40 Australian startups, global tech giants, and entrepreneurs in yet another attempt to convert Sydney into Australia’s Silicon Valley. 

Otto, a start-up by ex-Googlers to make trucks driverless, has launched

A group of former senior Google employees has launched a start-up aimed at making existing trucks on the road driverless. 

How to foster a start-up culture in a big company

Big companies should be cultivating their own start-up mentality by disrupting from within using autonomous incubators before rivals outside the firm get the jump, says the boss of consulting firm Accenture Strategy. 

DC Edtech Startup Scores $125K in AT&T Accelerator | DC Inno

Michelle Brown recently moved her edtech startup CommonLit from Boston to Washington, D.C., for the chance at new opportunities. That decision is already starting to pay off now that AT&T has chosen her company as one of the half dozen for the latest Aspire Accelerator program. 

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