Startup Roundup May 20, 2016

Growing IoT Connectivity Drives Venture Cash To ‘Cyberphysical’ Security Startups – Forbes

Venture capital investors are attacking one of the biggest concerns with emerging ‘internet of things’ technology, dramatically boosting funding for device and network-protecting security platforms, according to a new study out today. 

Aviva banks on tech start-ups with Founders Factory investment

viva is investing in a new technology incubator to support promising financial services start-ups that could help improve the insurance market. 

Tim Cook’s India visit: Apple to set up startup accelerator in Bangalore – The Economic Times

BENGALURU: Apple will work closely with dozens of Indian startups, including some prominent ones, as part of its new accelerator programme, two people familiar with the development said.

Do Startups Have a Drinking Problem? — Backchannel

I was three months into my first startup gig, as a community manager at a small company in Boulder, and we had just closed a Series A round of funding. To celebrate, we gathered for a customary champagne toast in lieu of our 9:30 a.m. team standup. By this time, my non-drinker status was well-known amongst the team; I declined my colleague’s offers of post-work drinks, beer from the office fridge. Of course, I’d been peppered with a litany of questions, but had never felt unwelcome. 

Meg Whitman is doling out $100 million for startups – Business Insider

Hewlett Packard Enterprise CEO Meg Whitman is so serious about pushing HPE into the world of corporate venture investing, that she is personally involved with the program, reports Bloomberg’s Brian Womack. 

Leaderless Company Rakes In $133 Million; New Crowdfunding Rules Allow Startups To Raise $1 Million – Forbes

Watching business and blockchain developments in recent weeks has been like switching in and out between the real world and a sci-fi novel. 

Mobile Wallet Startup Coin Ends Sales and Development of New Products – Fortune

Coin, a once-hot startup that gained fame offering a credit card replacement wallet, has stopped selling its existing device and will not produce any new devices, the company said on its web site. 

Cheddar Is The Media Startup That’s Changing The Way Millennials Get Their Business News | Bustle

At 9:30 a.m., the opening bell of the New York Stock Exchange rings, and live from the trading floor, Cheddar anchor Kristen Scholer and co-host, founder, and former BuzzFeed president Jon Steinberg report on the latest in business news while also interviewing big names in the industry — from the startup space, to public company CEOs, to investors. 

India introduces cheaper & faster patent registration for startups – The Economic Times

Startups from the world over will now be able to register patents in India faster and at much lower costs under a ‘tatkal (instant)’ option offered under the latest amended patent rules. These benefits will also be available to entities that file their first application in India.

Why 98% of Digital Health Startups Are Zombies And What They Can Do About It – Forbes

Since moving from the entrepreneur to the VC side of the startup world, I’ve spent a lot of time with seasoned healthcare investors. The common view is that 98% of digital health startups are the walking dead right now. These startups received angel funding but they are operating on fumes and clearly aren’t on a path to profitability and/or Series A funding. In the last few months, I’ve had a bunch of discussions with digital health startups who have reached a point where an acqui-hire or shutdown are imminent. 


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