Startup Roundup May 23, 2016

Start-Ups Once Showered With Cash Now Have to Work for It – The New York Times

When Jeremy Hitchcock raised money for his technology start-up in 2012, he barely had to break a sweat. He was flooded with emails from venture capitalists who wanted in. Two months after meeting an investor over cocktails at a technology conference, he scored $38 million

Startup experience – the key for admission in top B-schools like Harvard, Wharton and others – The Economic Times

Your experience in a startup–even a failed one–could be just the ticket for entry into some of the top business schools in the world. 

5 Things International Startups Should Know Before Joining a U.S. Accelerator

For startups spread throughout the world and looking to break into the United States, getting accepted to a well-respected U.S.-based accelerator program can feel like winning the lottery. 

Tech Startups: The Netherlands Wants You! – Forbes

The City of Amsterdam has been working flat out for the past 18 months to become one of the top three European cities for startups – up there with London and Berlin. And this week there are no fewer than three tech startup festivals going on in the Dutch capital: StartUp Fest Europe, The Next Web Conference (this is its 11th year in Amsterdam), and Tech Week. 

Ignorance and fear are big obstacles for Muslim startup founders

When Rashid Dar moved to New York City to complete graduate school, the Muslim entrepreneur found it challenging to locate quiet spaces to perform Salah, his five daily obligatory prayers. 

Google confirms a new in-house startup incubator

Big companies have always supported startups to do the nimble and risky innovating they could not, even building their own investment arms to directly fund them. But sometimes those startups are founded by ex-employees of big companies that break out of corporate limitations. Following rumors last month, Google officially confirmed that it will launch its own in-house incubator, likely as a way of retaining entrepreneurs and keeping marketable ideas in-house. 

Resumes are overrated for startup hiring – Business Insider

As every entrepreneur knows, an idea is only as good as the team executing it. However, building the right team is often even harder than finding the right idea. So how does one build a great team quickly? 

Edutech startups: Why the opportunity as well as the challenge is huge – The Economic Times

In March 2015, Embibe , a company providing customised learning solutions, decided to make what appeared to be a foolhardy move.

What I learned from being the only woman at a startup – Vox

A couple of years ago, I had the opportunity to move from a stuffy, old-school B2B magazine to a brand new journalism platform with a completely unique ethos and structure. I’d always had a fascination for both tech startups and digital content, so this seemed like the perfect fit. 

Why VCs Are Putting Their Bets In Chinese Fitness Startups – Forbes

Investors are betting that young Chinese consumers’ new interest in healthier lifestyles and fitness is just beginning after GGV Capital and Morningside Ventures led a $32 million Series C funding round in Chinese app Keep. 

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