Startup Roundup May 27, 2016

First Round teaches startups to pitch VCs – Business Insider

Dennis Pilarinos was frustrated and a little “pissed off” after his first day in a special program that teaches startup CEOs the delicate art of raising money. 

Every Startup Gains From An Incubator Or Accelerator

A question I often get as an adviser is whether or not to join a business incubator or accelerator as a way to move forward faster and smarter and increase the odds of business success.  

Meet the latest cohort of Acceleprise startups, and the apps they built to make work easier | TechCrunch

Acceleprise, a San Francisco-based accelerator for enterprise tech and software-as-a-service startups, held a Demo Day for its third cohort of companies today. 

How To Use Strong Language For Your Startup – Forbes

I’m a weak language repeat offender. You know, all those subtle language ticks that have launched a thousand think pieces about how women hurt themselves by apologizing or couching requests. 

GoDaddy made an app for entrepreneurs to get feedback on their startup ideas | TechCrunch

While most associate GoDaddy with domains, the company has become an integral part of supporting small businesses around the world. Whether this is by providing email hosting, website creation, or SEO services, the site is often the first stop for someone thinking about starting a small business online. 

The 5 People You Need in Your Startup

Early in my career as an employer, I found myself on a Nietzschean quest for the “super employee” — the perfect person who could do a lot of things well and very little wrong.  

Profiting From Politics Proves Challenging for Startups – WSJ

Some of the top digital, fundraising and analytics operatives on both sides of the U.S. political divide have tried to parlay their campaign skills into for-profit enterprises, creating startups that build on their campaign expertise. 

Enterprise Ireland unveils €500,000 fund for fintech startups

Enterprise Ireland is targeting the fintech sector with a new €500,000 fund aimed at supporting startup activity. 

Israeli Startup Claims to Spot Terrorists With Facial Recognition – Tech Nation – Haaretz

A Tel Aviv startup called Faception has developed technology that purportedly can identify character traits, including spotting who might be a terrorist, by analyzing a person’s face. 

72 Startups Transforming Bricks-And-Mortar Retail In One Infographic

Transforming bricks-and-mortar shopping is a high-stakes endeavor for retailers given Americans still do over 90% of our shopping in physical stores. In fact, one of the latest trends in retail is the launch of physical stores by online e-commerce companies, including Amazon, Warby Parker, and Birchbox. 

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