Startup Roundup May 27, 2016

How startups are helping brands to improve user engagement – The Economic Times

$99 annual loyalty programme . That’s what the 52-year-old maverick entrepreneur was boasting about to shareholders — a scheme that allows members to enjoy a bouquet of perks such as household product subscriptions, video streaming of popular shows, same-day shipping of thousands of items and much more. 

Flipkart effect: Startups may lose sheen in job market | The Indian Express

Darling of jobseekers till recently, the startup space may lose some sheen in the job market as management and tech graduates might prefer joining ‘safer companies’ after the Flipkart fiasco, say experts. 

In Kafr Kassem, tech school gives Israeli Arabs start-up ‘chutzpah’ | The Times of Israel

The dozen students listening to a lecture in the TRI/O Tech entrepreneurship hub in the Israeli-Arab town of Kafr Kassem are smart. They switch from Arabic to Hebrew to English as they hone their start-up pitches or critique each others’ business models. 

Snapchat’s startup professor says we’re overlooking one of its big advantages – Recode

As far as venture capitalists go, Mark Suster publishes more of his views online than most. Heblogs. He tweets. And, as of late, he snaps. A lot

Hipster startup found the SEC loophole | New York Post

Josh Cook is looking to capture some organic growth through crowdfunding for his Nextdoorganics food store in Brooklyn. 

Electric-car startup Faraday Future is already in expansion mode – Business Insider

Faraday Future, the electric-car startup that made its public debut at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this year has had a few firsts since opening for business two years ago. 

Fast broadband start-up growth puts Openreach under pressure

yperoptic, an ultra-fast broadband network builder, plans to roll out “gigabit” services across seven towns and cities, piling pressure on existing infrastructure owner BT Openreach. 

What Our Kids Learned Growing Up On Our Farm-Based Startup – Forbes

Family startups can be challenging, but they also offer many learning opportunities and benefits to family members, including your children. This was something we observed first-hand with the Ice Cider business we began on our orchard. 

Inaugural Detroit Startup Week Helps Black Businesses

The first annual Detroit Startup Week, powered by Chase, kicked off in May featuring over 100 events with some 2,500 participants attending free activities over the course of five days. Detroit’s inaugural Startup Week is expected to be largest first-year event in the global brand’s six-year history. 

Globes English – RideOn wins Israel startup Olympics

The augmented reality company will represent Israel in the Olympic startup finals in Rio. 

Follow These 8 Steps for Your Next Job After a Startup

Startups don’t last forever — they either mature into sustainable businesses, get merged into another business or acquired, or sadly join the 50 percent or more that fail in the first five years. Very few startup founders even want to stick around for the long haul, since their passion and expertise is in creating a new business, not managing people issues and repeatable processes. 

These Tips Will Put Your Startup On The Fast Track To $1 Million – Forbes

The money is there for startups. The opportunity is there and searching for you, even if the prevailing opinion shouts that the bubble is bursting. Here’s how I know: there are brand new VC funds founded regularly, including a brand new early stage private equity fund called Fast Track VC.  


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