Startup Roundup June 3, 2016

Hong Kong’s RISE conference proves the internet startup industry is maturing—but the jargon is getting worse — Quartz

Internet startup culture has evolved and matured over the past five years, and there’s no better example of this than the RISE conferencehappening this week in Hong Kong. 

Startups with marked down valuations may face tax notice – The Economic Times

MUMBAI: Startups worried over funding prospects and falling valuations could soon have a bigger problem on their hands. The income tax department is discussing a controversial move to levy tax on those startups whose valuations have fallen recently on the grounds that the first premium was more than the firm’s fair value.

The dog-and-pony show: Startups’ frustrations working with agencies – Digiday

Startups are undeniably cool now, so it’s no surprise agencies are often touting their work with up-and-comers. 

Accelerator Seeks to Foster Artificial Intelligence Startups – CIO Journal. – WSJ

Seeking to tap into a booming market, global business incubator TechCode on Thursday is expected to launch a startup accelerator focused on the rapid development of artificial-intelligence and AI-based hardware ventures. 

Vive Le Startup: 5 French Companies Leading A Tech Revolution – Forbes

The land of the 35-hour work-week and crippling union strikes is entering what could be a tech revolution. There are new government initiatives and a €200million fund to invest in accelerators across France to encourage entrepreneurs.

On-screen guidance startup WalkMe raised $50M led by Insight, now valued around $400M | TechCrunch

As more people and businesses shift to digital platforms to get things done, a cloud-based platform for making interfaces easier to navigate continues to grow.

Why Did Leo DiCaprio Join a Garbage Start-Up—Literally? | Vanity Fair

Most people don’t know much about garbage aside from the fact that it’s something they set outside once or twice a week. Or maybe that it’s the sort of business venture that Tony Soprano would enjoy. 

Don’t Let Outside Funding Kill Your Startup Passion – Forbes

One of the myths I often hear as an advisor to many entrepreneurs is that their lifestyle would somehow be better if they could more easily find other people’s money to build their startup. 

What to Do When Someone Copies Your Startup · The Macro

In this episode of Startup School Radio Aaron Harris talks with Andrew Mason. Andrew shares how Groupon began as The Point, which initially gained traction when fans of the Insane Clown Posse used it to campaign for the legalization of marijuana. 

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