Bitcoin Roundup June 13, 2016 Holds Competition for Euro 2016 Tickets

Sportsbet will host a betting tournament where players will “pit their wits against one another for the chance to be at this summer’s Euro 2016 tournament.” 

Mobile P2P Payment Solution Tapp Commerce Raises US$9m In Funding – The Merkle

When it comes to making peer-to-peer payments, mobile devices will play an increasing role of importance. After all, that is the type of device nearly everyone has on them at all times, especially in Southeast Asia. Ever since this trend began, startups have been looking to turn smartphones into alternative payment solutions. 

NFL Player Falls Victim To Bitcoin Scam – Vocativ

Dallas Cowboys running back Darren McFadden filed suit against his business manager and financial advisor for allegedly bilking him out of some $15 million including $3 million invested in Bitcoins that carried a “guarantee” that McFadden “would not lose any money,” according to a copy of the civil complaint filed in federal court this week. 

Jaxx Wallet Integrates Shapeshift for In-Wallet Conversion Between Bitcoin, Ether and DAO Tokens | Bitcoin Magazine

Toronto-based Bitcoin consultancy and software development company Decentral has announced the integration of its Jaxx line of blockchain wallets with digital currency exchange platform  

BTCC Issues Five Bitcoin Titanium Coin Celebrating Anniversary

BTCC, one of the longest-running Bitcoin exchanges in China, celebrates its fifth anniversary. CoinTelegraph spoke with the company’s CEO Bobby Lee about their current projects and his vision of the company’s future. 

What is the ‘Halving’? A Primer to Bitcoin’s Big Mining Change – CoinDesk

Of all the rules in bitcoin’s code, few are as revered as the hard limit of bitcoin production. 

‘The Street’ Cites Bitcoin Among Investments Set To ‘Soar’ – CCN: Financial Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency News

Bitcoin is among the investments expected to soar, according to Tradebird, a social trading app, reported The Street, a site that offers insight on investing. The Street and the investor comments it cited join the growing investment community interest in bitcoin. 

Bitcoin Price Exceeds $600, Highest in Almost Two Years

Bitcoin reaches a new high of over $600 as trading in China, faced once more by a devaluing yuan, spikes. CoinTelegraph spoke to experts to investigate the reasons for such a price increase and learn their forecast for the future of Bitcoin value. 

The Bitcoin Halving – What Do I Need To Do? – The Merkle

There is a lot of excitement regarding the upcoming Bitcoin halving, as it will have a significant effect on the future of this popular cryptocurrency. Satoshi Nakamoto, who originally created Bitcoin, built in specific points in time during which the Bitcoin block reward would be cut in half. 

Bitcoin Blockchain Startup Challenges: Case of Wirex

Wirex is a 1.5-year old company that has weathered many challenges to get to where we are today: a hybrid personal finance platform combining cryptocurrency and fiat currencies with hundreds of thousands of users. 


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