Startup Roundup June 13, 2016

Carving Out Space Between Your Startup And Private Life – Forbes

Several of my previous blog posts have been devoted to stories about some of the more interesting challenges that arise when your business is in the middle of your house. 

Why employees at startups are having to cope with unprecedented levels of anxiety – The Economic Times

It took Deepu Raina five long years to realise the professional blunder she had committed by flagging off her career with a startup. “I regret every moment of it,” rues the 27-year-old, who “wasted” five years of her life working in a Gurgaon-based ecommerce firm. 

7 Attributes of An Entrepreneur’s Startup Dream Team

There is a common belief in the angel and venture capital community that you put your money on the best team, rather than the best idea. Thus the top priority of every entrepreneur who wants funding should be to build and highlight their “dream team” of co-founders, executives and advisers, to attract the biggest and best investors. Solo entrepreneurs rarely find an investor. 

Well, of course Larry Page invested in two flying car startups

Google co-founder and Alphabet CEO Larry Page is much quieter than other leaders in the industry, rarely attending events (even Google I/O), speaking in public, or publicizing his investments. 

Five types of startup love – The Economic Times

Last year, India romanticised startups like never before. This year is a bloodbath. The romanticism has attracted all types of love-struck (read startup-struck) people to Startup Wonderland. However, not every love story or every tale of romance has a happy ending. All relationships go through a bad patch, a rollercoaster ride, and startups are no different. In the frenetic world of startups, different character types quickly become evident. 

Startup Tech Valley boosts Capital Region entrepreneurs – Times Union

Last fall, Jason Kuruzovich emailed hundreds of people subscribed to receive updates about Start-Up Tech Valley. The monthly meetup, in its third year, brought crowds to Revolution Hall, an event space at Brown’s Brewing, to hear pitches for new businesses. 

So you think you’re a stellar start-up? Prove it!

An app to steer consumers to locally sourced foods. A natural deodorant. A clip to keep a lid attached to a coffee cup, to avoid having to set it down on a dirty countertop as you add sugar and cream. 

Techstars Mobility boosts transportation start-ups

Of all the entrepreneur classes, events and competitions flourishing in metro Detroit today, probably the gold standard is the one that begins Monday at Ford Field. 

Uber Now Provides On-Demand Delivery for Small Startups Too

Running a startup takes a lot of commitment. Between hiring employees, setting up finances and providing a product or service, founders can get pretty run down. And if you have to add delivery services into that mix, you could lose your marbles before the end of the day. Fortunately for you, Uber is hoping to make that portion of running a startup easier with something they call UberRUSH. And it’s now available to anyone with an idea. 

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