Startup Roundup June 15, 2016

Greek Startups Say Tsipras’s Taxes Are One More Reason to Leave – Bloomberg

Greek startups have weathered political turmoil, violent riots, a withering economy and brinkmanship that nearly drove the country out of the euro. Now, a new round of tax increases may be the last straw for fledgling companies with dreams of making it big. 

Stanford Professor’s Startup Plans Novel Networking Chips – WSJ

An influential academic who helped define a new wave of networking is laying plans to unleash the next, hoping to displace chips that have long held a dominant position in the field. 

From dizzying highs to wretched lows—news headlines tell the India startup story — Quartz

Between 2012 and mid-2015, the Indian startup industry was on the cusp of a boom. Fortunes seem to have suffered a reversal since. This year, the sector was seen hobbling from one mistake to another. 

HackSeKar: Marketing Hacks win over NCR startups

Viral content, witty listicles, curated articles, and more. Smart negotiations, staying true to your core dream and ‘learning’ entrepreneurship when required. All this and more from domain experts filled the day for NCR startups that assembled at the newly launched Nowhere terrace brewpub for Marketing Hackday held on June 7. 

When Should You Quit Your Job And Launch Your Startup? – Forbes

Are you working at a full-time or part-time job and wondering when the right time is to launch your startup? Do you feel like time is slipping by and you’re not sure what you need to get going? 

Which Company Will Be The Next Top Automotive Startup? – Forbes

The mobility space is getting a little crowded, and AutoMobility LA wants to help companies break through the clutter and noise by choosing the “Top 10″ automotive startups at its upcoming show in November. 

A startup is just another story!

In my several years of mentoring entrepreneurs and startups, I have seen a fascinating pattern of ambition, leadership and strife emerge in every startup that I met.  

Start-up supporters and aspiring entrepreneurs meet at Launchpad Day 2016

This year’s LaunchPad Day brought together people looking to start their own businesses with over 50 exhibitors, including some of the UK’s leading start-up organisations, at a networking event open to students and the public. 

Why you should be investing in sports startups

In a country which is famous for the glamorisation of its primary sport- cricket, the rest of the sports industry is often side-lined. As much as we hate to admit it, it is the harsh reality. 

Can a Los Angeles start-up give video gamers a stylish look? – LA Times

Though fans may not always notice, professional athletes put thought into their outfits off and on the field. 

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