Startup Roundup June 24, 2016

Samsung launches mobile startup incubation program | ZDNet

Samsung has launched an incubation program called Creative Square that will help startups and designers working in mobile. 

Small Startups Target Big Data Leaving Enterprises Wanting More – Forbes

As the digital age progresses and more information becomes accessible, it is only natural that new methods of accessing, analyzing and understanding this data will need to be developed. 

U.K. Tech Startups Prepare For Life After Brexit – Forbes

Entrepreneurs working in London’s tech sector got a rude awakening this morning when they looked at their phones: against the bookmakers and pollster’s olds, Britain had voted to leave the EU. 

Abuja, Nigeria’s original startup city is making a big play for Africa’s young tech entrepreneurs — Quartz

When most people think of Nigeria having an ecosystem of innovation and technology they instinctively think of Lagos, and understandably so.

Former Startup Battlefield competitor Satago raises £4.6m to help small businesses get paid | TechCrunch

Back in November, TechCrunch took a look at former Startup Battlefield competitor Satago, a U.K. fintech startup that was looking to help freelancers and other small business owners get paid on time. 

Brexit will turn Berlin into ‘Europe’s startup capital’ – The Local

Thanks to its location in a finance centre and also fewer language barriers with Silicon Valley, London has long been dubbed the startup capital of Europe. 

Brexit Would Hurt U.K. Startups, Tech Leaders Say – Forbes

Thursday’s nationwide referendum on a British exit from the European Union has already prompted much hand-wringing from everyone from George Soros to the Bank to England to Pres. Obama.

Even Breakfast-Cereal Companies Are Pouring Money into Start-Ups | Vanity Fair

Even cereal makers, it seems, are worried about Silicon Valley eating their lunch. On Monday, Kellogg—yes, like the maker of Frosted Flakes—announced the creation of a venture-capital arm, to invest in start-ups. 

Benchmarking CrunchBase’s Top 25 Artificial Intelligence Startups – Forbes

iCarbonX, Anki, CARMAT, Arago, CloudMinds, Zero Zero Robotics, Preferred Networks, Inc., CustomerMatrix, Ozlo, and Scaled Inference are the top 10 Artifical Intelligence startups based on an analysis of CrunchBase data today. 

No bumpy ride for startups as Narendra Modi government okays Rs 10,000 crore corpus; to generate 18 lakh jobs – The Economic Times

The government today approved Rs 10,000 crore ‘Fund of Funds for Startups’ to support them with an aim to generate employment for 18 lakh persons.

Big UK businesses take centre stage as start-up incubators —

John Lewis, the British department store chain favoured by Middle England, is an unlikely source of the latest technology breakthrough. 


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