Bitcoin Roundup June 27, 2016

Why Focusing on Bitcoin’s Customer Experience Matters – CoinDesk

In this opinion piece, Hagelstrom looks at how bitcoin can grow to mass adoption in a market full of digital payments systems run by tech and finance giants. While the choices are varied, one thing the industry needs is focus, he says. 

Taiwan Turning Out to Be a Bitcoin Tourist Destination – NEWSBTC

The adoption of Bitcoin can happen in the unlikeliest of places. Taiwan is one such place where the growth of digital currency has taken outsiders by surprise. 

Bitcoin buyers seek haven from British pound | Business Standard News

Demand surged for as a safe haven from the British pound, which plummeted after the UK voted to leave the European Union. 

Fixing Bitcoin’s Big UX Problem – CoinDesk

In this opinion piece, Svinkin argues that the bitcoin industry’s attempts to revamp the technology’s user experience have so far been misguided, and that they may have obscured the true value of the technology. 

Bitcoin and Blockchain Leading the Revolution in the Global Monetary System

A technology revolution is disrupting the financial services industry and could make digital currency and blockchain transactions commonplace in just a few years, financial technology and fintech experts argued in a session on the topic at the Annual Meeting of the New Champions 2016. 

Brexit to Lead Bitcoin Price Beyond $800 ? – NEWSBTC

The value of Bitcoin has shown a significant increase from what it was a couple of days ago, following theBrexit Results. The digital currency, which was exhibiting healthy gains in the past few weeks registered a significant drop during the last weekend, only to get back on its feet after the Brexit results. 

Understanding The Real Value of Bitcoin Mining – The Merkle

There are a lot of aspects to the Bitcoin mining ecosystem. Many outsiders see this as a waste of resources, particularly when taking into account how miners receive a small reward for doing so. But the mining process is not just about money; it is also a way to secure the Bitcoin network. More importantly, it is what makes Bitcoin tick, and how consensus is achieved. 

Bitcoin surges past $650 as Brexit result sends UK Pound tumbling to 30-year low | TechCrunch

The global finance markets are slipping on Friday after the UK public voted to leave the EU, but there is one currency that is reveling in the uncertainty of the Brexit result: bitcoin. 

Brexit Effect On Bitcoin’s Price |

A week ago, bitcoin had surpassed the $700 mark, and the headlines were giddy with excitement about how high bitcoin could go, marking bitcoin’s biggest break since Nov. 2013. 

Looking for a Gainer Amid the Sea of Red? Bitcoin Jumps With Yen – Bloomberg

Bitcoin was one of the few winners out of the U.K.’s vote to leave the European Union, surging as much as 13 percent as the decision fueled demand for alternative assets. 

Bitcoin jumps to $680 as Brexit vote upends stocks – MarketWatch

Bitcoin prices have rebounded from a massive selloff earlier in the week as investors sought succor in digital currencies after global stocks plunged in the wake of the U.K.’s vote to leave the European Union. 

The Latest Bitcoin Hurdle: How to Tax It – WSJ

A little more than two years after the Internal Revenue Service issued bare-bones guidance on bitcoin and other digital currencies, the agency still hasn’t addressed many important tax matters affecting them. 

Bitcoin rival Ethereum fights for its survival after $50 million heist | Ars Technica

Imagine a $50 million diamond heist that isn’t investigated by any police body, and more than four days later, the broken vault that made the whole thing possible remains unfixed and suffers follow-on attacks by a group of marauding copycats. 

Paypal (PYPL) has partnered with Coinbase for a bitcoin deal — Quartz

The company has partnered with Coinbase, a virtual currency wallet and exchange, so Coinbase users can sell bitcoin and cash out to their PayPal accounts. Buying bitcoin isn’t possible yet, but the small integration is a noteworthy first step. 

Bitcoin Evangelist Has Podcast Go Bad, Threatens To Sue After It’s Posted | Techdirt

Folks in the Bitcoin/blockchain world can be fairly opinionated — that’s no surprise. But just because you have an interview go sideways, it doesn’t mean you get to threaten a lawsuit over it. 

Bridging Bitcoin and Ether to Mainstream Finance – Bloomberg

Cameron Winklevoss, co-founder and president at Gemini, and Tyler Winklevoss, co-founder and chief executive officer at Gemini, talk about the differences between ether and bitcoin and the need for regulated on-ramps for finance to access bitcoin. They speak on “Bloomberg ‹GO›.” (Source: Bloomberg) . 

Winklevoss twins’ Gemini Bitcoin exchange opens up shop in the U.K. | SiliconANGLE

Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, probably best known for having the idea for Facebook taken from them by Mark Zuckerberg, have expanded their Gemini Trust Bitcoin exchange with a new office in the United Kingdom. 


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