Startup Roundup June 28, 2016

After Brexit, the race is on to replace London as Europe’s startup capital — Quartz

“Thanks to Brexit we have a new opportunity to attract Europe’s serial or first-time entrepreneurs to set up shop in Dublin,” the email, from the organization tasked with boosting tech startup activity in Ireland’s capital, continues. “With Brexit comes opportunity. Let’s not waste it.” 

Bee Partners closes $30 million fund to seed very early-stage startups | TechCrunch

Bee Partners in San Francisco has raised a $30 million fund, its second, to lead investments in very early stage startups based in the U.S. 

Four Ways to Push Your Marketing Agency Past the Startup Phase – Forbes

I’ve been in the startup world for years. Startups are fun, but you can’t be a startup forever. Sooner or later, you’ll need to transition into a more organized, professional business. 

Obama, Zuckerberg push better broadband, innovative startups | CIO

Obama administration unveils new initiatives to promote global startups as Obama calls for broadband expansion and freedom of expression on the web. 

A Drone Start-Up Explores Underwater – The New York Times

A vast, largely unexplored world is being opened by hobbyists piloting robotic submarines capable of traveling hundreds of feet below the surface of lakes, rivers and oceans. 

Start-Ups For the State | Foreign Policy

In a village on the road to Musanze, Rwanda, a group of teenagers is gathered along a dirt embankment. Among them is Jean Damour Nshimiyimana, 19, who dropped out of school and has been earning what he can as a bicycle courier. He’s lounging with his friends but would prefer to be working. Business is slow. “Getting a job isn’t easy,” he said. “No matter how small.” 

Four reasons why startups should e-file their tax returns

Startups are fun. The adrenaline rush that comes with building a product, service or business is incomparable to anything else in the world.  To be a part of a culture that is heralding a newer, bolder India is, by itself, something to be proud of.  Startups are not only changing the way business is done in India but, also, the way work is done. 

Silicon Valley’s Latest Startup Offering Is a Whole City – Bloomberg

Y Combinator, the startup accelerator and investment firm that helped produce Airbnb, Dropbox, and Instacart, is embarking on a creation project arguably more ambitious than any company. 

Duncanville brothers discuss ‘recipes’ for success in IFTTT integration startup | | Dallas Morning News

Imagine if you got an email each time Craigslist had a new listing for a bike in your price range. Or if your air conditioning turned itself down when the temperature dropped outside. Or if every Facebook photo that you were tagged in automatically saved to your Dropbox. 

Alliance business startup project retools – News – The Repository – Canton, OH

ALLIANCE Along with a name change, a local business incubator program is altering its focus from technology oriented ventures to assisting a wide variety of enterprises. 

Europe’s Startups Reassess Britain After ‘Brexit’ – WSJ

Britain’s vote to leave the European Union is already forcing Europe’s nimble, tech startup community to reassess operations there—a potential early warning for the kind of dramatic action bigger companies may have to take. 

Five Lessons From Some Of Today’s Hottest, Billion-Dollar Startups – Forbes

What makes the billion dollar startups so unique? The answer is distribution. They either create a whole new market, like Uber and Airbnb did with the sharing economy, or they massively disrupt existing markets, such as healthcare and finance. 

Media startups without a mission will crash and burn, Brian Lam says – Recode

The Wirecutter, a tech reviews site centered around picking the “best” product in several categories, was built with no VC funding and a lot of big ideas. 

When those meant to be executives become startup founders, everyone loses – The Economic Times

There’s this great visual most people have of being an entrepreneur or a founder. It’s a poster of a young college dropout, next to the logo of a billion-dollar company they founded, surrounded by famous people and, of course, money. Lots of money.

Young Talent Feeding Silicon Dragon Startups Takes The Stage And Wows – Forbes

One thing that really impresses about the global startup revolution that is going on is the young talent that is coming up to develop the next generation of innovations and emerging companies. 

China Focus: China’s start-up boom lures talent away from traditional path – Xinhua |

Start-ups offer the prospect of realizing one’s dreams, leading many to give up high-paying jobs at established firms, according to investors and entrepreneurs on Sunday at a meeting of the World Economic Forum in Tianjin in north China. 

Startups, compete at your own risk |

Be it money, equity, consultation, incubation or simply a platform to fine-tune the elevator pitch, startup competitions have manufactured an industry of their own with impressive prizes on offer. 

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