Startup Roundup July 6, 2016

A van is driving around London to try to get startups to move to Berlin – Business Insider

A van displaying a large billboard is driving through London in a bid to tempt startups to move to Berlin. Several well-known London technology startups have said they’re considering opening up overseas offices following the result of the EU referendum.  

Mukesh Bansal’s new startup ‘CureFit’ bags $15 million funding – The Economic Times

BENGALURU: Mukesh Bansal, the cofounder of fashion portal Myntra, has snagged funding for his new startup — CureFit — from a group of marque investors, who backed his maiden venture and have now stepped up to close one of the largest seed investment rounds in the Indian startup sector this year.

Forbes’ 2016 Next Billion Dollar Startups List Is Open For Entries

These days, there are few words more controversial in the tech and venture capital worlds than “unicorn.” Over the past few months, unicorns (i.e., private companies with at least $1 billion in valuation) have taken a merciless beating, as many young, highly valued tech companies have battled markdowns, down rounds, and challenges in the public markets. 

WIRED Money 2016 Startup Stage: working with blockchain | WIRED UK

What will be the next fintech breakthrough? On June 23, 16 startups from around the world gathered at the British Museum in London to pitch on the WIRED Money Startup Stage. 

Monsanto an Microsoft Investing in Brazil Agriculture Tech Startups – Fortune

U.S. biotech company Monsanto and Microsoft announced on Monday a partnership to invest in agricultural technology startups in Brazil. 

Yes, Indian Start-Ups Are Failing. Why That’s Not All Bad.

“Take a long nap and a cold shower! This is my advice to everyone who asks me what they should do to become an entrepreneur,” the founder of digital service provider, Satya Prabhakar, tells me matter-of-factly. “It isn’t easy and mega success isn’t for everyone.”  

Used-Car Startup Beepi Expands Its Reach – WSJ

Used-vehicle dealers have a new question to answer as more buyers go online to find preowned wheels: Do you deliver? 

Why Indian startups are making a beeline for UAE

Regions with the most startup activity apply certain principles to attract startups. They build a common resource to attract a specific industry, create an environment where industry players would like to live and work, and articulate values backed by an action plan. 

US fintech pioneer’s start-up in Kenya —

Shivani Siroya on how smartphone data yields a financial identity for those with no access to funds. 

SAP StartUp Studio: A garage that can transform ideas into successful companies

SAP, the $23.3 billion market leader in Enterprise application software has upped its game in India, by bringing into its campus in Whitefield, Bengaluru, the first batch of startups that are working on core technologies like artificial intelligence and cloud-based software. 

Indian tech start-ups in hiring freeze —

India’s internet companies are racing to cut costs amid a cooling of investor sentiment towards the sector, which had been one of the most conspicuous targets for a global surge of funding into technology start-ups over the past two years. 

Hiring Your Friends Could Be the Best Thing for Your Startup – Fortune

Many entrepreneurs tend to recruit good friends and former colleagues to help get new ventures off the ground. The commonly cited adage is to avoid going into business with friends and family, but I’ve never followed this advice. Whether you’re a fledgling founder or a startup veteran, working with people you know and trust can be a solid strategy.  

Venture capital spend on European startups has fallen by $1.5 billion – Business Insider

Venture capital funding for European technology startups is down $1.5 billion (£1.1 billion), according to research firm Pitchbook

Why co-working spaces in India have startups and entrepreneurs hooked – The Economic Times

The monumental work that follows starting up truly begins to manifest itself when investors and other stakeholders come knocking. As meetings on precarious subjects are scheduled with the weight of deadlines hanging in the balance, pending utility bills or malfunctioning internet networks may be enough to break the momentum. 

[Funding Roundup] Indian startups raise $2.1 billion in H1 2016, a 40% decline compared to H1 2015

As much as the industry would hate to admit it, the year 2016 has not been kind to startups so far. Many younger startups have shut down, big boys got devalued, job offers were pulled back, and competition was never fiercer. Save for online marketplaces and fintech startups, which are obviously interlinked, investment inflow into the country has been dull, compared to the previous year’s Q1 and Q2


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